Support to the Rainbow centre for Syrian children in Gaziantep !

6 years after the beginning of the uprising in Syria, Syrians represent today the most important part of the refugees in the world. Around 5 millions of men and women fled the country; among them, 50% are children.

According to a UNICEF report published in March 2016, more than 8 million Syrian children suffer from this war, inside and also out of the country.The Rainbow center was created in August 2015 by Syrian refugees living in Gaziantep so that the children refugees could go back to school and enjoy their childhood in a war context which traumatized them and forced them to work at a very early age.

Gaziantep is a city located in southeastern Turkey which welcomes around 600 000 Syrian refugees who face major poverty, unemployment, communication difficulties, political and religious manipulation, and even racism.

The families can not afford sending their children to school, the community schools are full and some Turkish schools sometimes do not accept Syrian children. We think that the education of these children is a priority so that they can develop themselves to become world’s citizens and help building tomorrow’ Syria !

The centre welcomes more than 60 children from 5 to 10 year old who used to beg in the streets of the city or make some cheap jobs to help their families.


It proposes a lot of activities: mathematics and scientific classes, Arabic Turkish and English classes, drawing and music workshops, visits to the zoo and parcs…

With volunteers and professionals, the team of 15 organize everyday workshops and activities so that the children can learn and socialize at the same time. Moreover, the centre provides the children with a psychological support thanks to the work of a professional psychologist.

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As the center is independant and secular, they need our support in a context in which the fundraiser unfortunately imposes his ideology on the project. 

We have already worked with them and we will be back there in January to see the situation on the ground and evaluate their needs.

With the money collected, the center will be able to rent a new local more appropriate and to welcome more and more children(they could be 200 in the late 2016) !

To see the video made about the centre by Al Jazeera channel, click here.

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