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Since 2010, children of Mopti (Mali) go back to school thanks to the system of children sponsorship implemented by Ma Belle Ecole. Since 2015, the association works also with a local partner in Syria. These children sponsorships runs with success thanks to your involvment and dedication.

  • V.T, Godmother of Fatoumata in Mali

I am sponsoring a little girl in Mali since 2010. Mother of 3 children I have always supported and conscious of the luckyness they have to live in France. When I had the opportunity to sponsor a child, it was like obvious for me.

25€ per month to permit a child to go to school and get medical consultations, and her family to receive some food is nothing.

The last news received from the local correspondant in Mali pleased me a lot and I am very proud of my godchild who is now a little woman and is the fourth student in her class.

I want to mention also the other activities led by the association in Syria and thank the president for her dedication.

  • J. and F.D, supporting Kadidia in Mali

As teachers, we are sensitive to each action which aims at improving education or personal development of the children. For these reasons, the actions of Ma Belle Ecole caught our attention. Moreover, the education of destitute African children and the access to education for girls in a country whose traditions don’t encourage their personal development really attracted us.

We can add that the proximity of the association, the direct contact with its members and the real effectiveness of their actions, but also the human exchange between the children and their godfather/godmother lead us to feel more responsible and involved in the association. The regular progress reports make us rely on it.

  • M.P, godmother of Salimata in Mali

When I have first heard about this association, it had just been created. The idea of sponsoring a child so that he/she can go to school immediately rang a bell. I am a godmother for 6 years now and I could see the evolution of “Ma Belle Ecole”. Thanks to the energy and dedication of its president and other active members, it took a bigger dimension and helps now children in other countries. May this association have a long life so that it can help improving the life of a lot of children!

  • C.S, godmother of Sarah in Syria

For a long time, we were thinking of sponsoring a child. But, we never dared taking action. Ma Belle Ecole inspired us respect and confidence, creativity and solidarity. They act with heart. And ours resounded with all these ingredients.

Today, we are happy to be part of Sarah’s and her family’s lives !

  • MD.B, godmother of Saydou in Mali

The meeting, a few years ago, with the president of Ma Belle Ecole launched the decision to sponsor a child in Mali. Indeed, it was along with my personal conviction that education is a fundamental right and an opportunity for all children. Besides, the association also provides the families with rice and encourages local initiatives (as the collective bakery for women). My commitment has also been reenforced by the regular news I receive from my godchild and the various actions led by the association. Sponsoring a child is more than an anonymous amount money we use to send to some NGOs.

  • SJ, Godmother of Mahaman in Mali

To me, it is a necessity to help destitute children, so it is a great pleasure to sponsor a child in Mali or Syria. I think that a child has the right to live like the other children of the world. The current world is so crual that if we can give something it is to bring some hope for these children so that they can achieve their dreams and build their future.

I invite all of you to sponsor a child, let’s help them to grow up.

  • S.M, godfather of Abir and Najah in Syria

If we want peace for this world, we have to provide the children with education! I am personally very happy of this initiative and to participate in the dissemination of the true peace, and also to bring some happiness to these children who have only known war for several years now.

Why did I decide to sponsor a child? Actually, it is a strange feeling to explain, but also very beautiful to live and which has positive effects in my personal life. All of us can sponsor a child, the amount of money is ridiculous. It is good that a child receives an education, it is even more wonderful when it is thanks to you.

  • Family B, supporting Yaro Fatoumata in Mali

To us, sponsoring a child was something obvious.

We have been to Colombia a few years ago and we had a contact with a little association there which was helping children in Cali. Our wish was to sponsor a child through a little and human scale association, a girl more than a boy because the access to education is more difficult for girls in those countries. But this association was supporting only little boys. So we stopped sponsoring.

Then, it came to Rwanda where we sponsored a big boy thanks to a friend who had a little association. Unfortunately, hazards of life made her stop her actions on the ground.

We have discovered Ma Belle Ecole thanks to an article in the local press. Our children could be a part of the project and we decided to sponsor a little girl of their age in Mali.

Every year, we are glad to choose carefully some books for our godchild, which fit with her environment, her culture and whose topic can offer her a new adventure. The books are bought by 2 for our neighbourhood library so that they can be read by the family also. We send her the books through the association.

We hope that the situation will ease off in the country so that we can one day go to see her and discover her country. When she gets older, if her school level leads her to university or if she wants to visit France, she will be welcomed to our home.

  • Hélène A, godmother of Moussa in Mali

Permit a child to get an education seems essential to me. It is the only way to get him/her to a certain autonomy, freedom and discernment capacity for a more peaceful world. And I supposed it will also be easier for him/her to get a job later on.

  • Christine A, godmother of Mohammad in Syria

It appears very important to help a child and his/her family, even if it is only a water drop in the ocean; there are so many destitute persons.

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