A multimedia library for Mopti’s youth in Mali

To compensate the lack of libraries for young people and children in Mopti, Ma Belle Ecole wants to adress the demand of sponsored children’s parents and teachers with the implementation of a multimedia library which would permit an access to books, the organization of regular collective readings, film/cartoons projections and to retain customers thanks to the proposal of subscription to some local reviews. For the little ones, the implementation of a games library is also in process…

  • Books collection

It is very important for us to support the local economy. As a consequence, we aim at buying 500 local new books which will be bought from local bookshops and editors in Bamako. The teachers and our local contact who was a teacher before already identified the needed books. Other missing books (comics, dictionnaries,…) will be brought from France.

Games for the games library, computers, a TV and a video projector will be also provided.

  • Team and capacity

This project is led with the collaboration of the Robert Cissé school in Mopti which put a a 200m2 room at our diposal.

2 teachers and the mother of a sponsored girl have been chosen by our partner. They will be provided with a 6 day-formation to get the necessary knowledge of management and animation for the activities of the multimedia library.

To begin with, the multimedia library will be open 3 days a week and will be able to welcome around 50 children at the same time.

Main goals:

-give the children of Mopti the taste in reading

-promote local books which are not very well known nowadays

-help the students and teachers by providing them with school books and professionnal books

-encourage creativity, imagination and exchange for children

-education to image

-get the young people to feel at ease with informatics

-propose training sessions (Internet, informatics, languages,..)

-offer an equal access to culture and reading.

  • Who will benefit from this project?

Giving that 5 schools are around the multimedia library, we suppose that about 10 000 children would benefit from these activities, aged from 7 to 25.

  • And then?

The main objective of this project is the final autonomy of the multimedia library, so we will make sure that the salaries of the 3 librarians are paid during 2 years meanwhile we will technically accompany the staff to restitute regular balance sheets of (symbolic) inscriptions and reports of implemented activities.

Our partner, the ASLAD association will supervise all these activities and will provide us with regular reports.

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