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La présidente Mounia MOALLA avec les fondateurs de l'association Bareeq à Amman et des enfants du centre.

The president, Mounia Moalla, standing with the foundators of the Bareeq association in Amman and children of the centre.
















Jordan, which is a country bordering Syria, is welcoming more than 600 000 Syrian refugees, according to the  UNHCR datas of November, 2016. Among them, at least 80 000 children are not going to school.

In this country, 50% of the Syrian refugees’ children are the major source of income for their family, according to  UNICEF and Save the Children’s reports of July 2015. 84% of the interviewed children’s employers in urban areas of Jordan confess that they started practicing child labor since the beginning of the war in Syria.

The majority of the working children are working 6 or 7 days a week, a third works 8 hours a day, for a salary varying between 4 and 7 dollars per day (same report).

The access to the Jordan public schools is theoretically possible for these children, but it is very difficult even impossible for the majority of them because of the extreme poverty of their parents, living without any income, which forces the children to work. Moreover, the distance between the house and the school and the fact that the family can not afford the transport fees is another problem.

Ma Belle Ecole, as always, acts in favor of education thanks to a partnership established with a local, reliable and well-organized association. In Amman, it is the Bareeq Education & development association, which has been founded in order to support children’s and young Syrians’ education of the Jordan capital, which welcomes around 175 000 Syrian refugees.



It is dealing today with the education of 350 Syrian children and young people aged from 9 to 18 through school support programs implemented with Syrian volunteers and specialized workers.

It also finances scholarships for university benefitting to more than 10 young Syrians in Amman.

To Ma Belle Ecole, the priority of this sponsorship program implemented in collaboration with Bareeq, is given to Syrian orphan children, fatherless, who are raised by their mother only or relatives when both of the parents are dead. The sponsorship program represents a chance for them to build a better future.

Giving that Amman is one of the most expansive cities of the Arab world, the monthly amount of the sponsorship program is 50€ (17€ after tax deduction in France). It is possible for the child to have one or two god fathers/mothers (co-sponsoring with 25€/month).

This amount of money permits to support the family so that they can assure the education of the child and, if the child was working, he will be able to go back to school and get focused on it.

A regular follow-up will be led by the Bareeq association’s volunteers. It will permit us to assess the impact of the sponsorship program on the child and to make the link between the godfather/godmother and their godchild’s improvments thanks to trimestrial reports.

To sponsor a Syrian orphan child in Jordan, click here.




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