Sponsor a child in Syria

Since the end of 2011, Syria is not the same as it used to be…billions of refugees, hundred thousands of dead and lost people…an unprecedented destruction of the historical patrimony and entire cities arruined.

More than 8 billions Syrian children suffer from this war according to the Unicef report, inside and outside of the country.

A lot of children are forced to work to help their families, above all when they have lost a relative, which is mainly the case.

In order to help these generations to revive, in collaboration with the local organizations we launched the sponsorship program of Syrian children inside Syria to get them back to school and protect them from the labour market.

Currently, we are working with them in Damascus’ suburb, Homs and Deraa. They also have permanent offices in the North and the North-West of Syria and in refugee camps in Lebanon to provide the children with alternative education.

Sponsorship system (25€/month) aims at compensating the families for the salary shortage due to the scolarization of the children.

To sponsor a child clic here.

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