A multimedia library for Mopti’s youth in Mali

To compensate the lack of libraries for young people and children in Mopti, Ma Belle Ecole wants to adress the demand of sponsored children’s parents and teachers with the implementation of a multimedia library which would permit an access to books, the organization of regular collective readings, film/cartoons projections and to retain customers thanks to the proposal of subscription to some local reviews. For the little ones, the implementation of a games library is also in process…

Support to the Rainbow centre for Syrian children in Gaziantep !

6 years after the beginning of the uprising in Syria, Syrians represent today the most important part of the refugees in the world. Around 5 millions of men and women fled the country; among them, 50% are children.

According to a UNICEF report published in March 2016, more than 8 million Syrian children suffer from this war, inside and also out of the country.

Testimonies from godfathers and godmothers…

Since 2010, children of Mopti (Mali) go back to school thanks to the system of children sponsorship implemented by Ma Belle Ecole. Since 2015, the association works also with a local partner in Syria. These children sponsorships runs with success thanks to your involvment and dedication.

  • V.T, Godmother of Fatoumata in Mali

I am sponsoring a little girl in Mali since 2010. Mother of 3 children I have always supported and conscious of the luckyness they have to live in France. When I had the opportunity to sponsor a child, it was like obvious for me.

25€ per month to permit a child to go to school and get medical consultations, and her family to receive some food is nothing.

The last news received from the local correspondant in Mali pleased me a lot and I am very proud of my godchild who is now a little woman and is the fourth student in her class.

I want to mention also the other activities led by the association in Syria and thank the president for her dedication.


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