It has been now 6 years that Ma Belle Ecole exists….
It was created from the simple idea to provide destitute children with some support in their school education, nowadays it became an organization managing a lot of projects and the results are going more and more successful.

The sponsorship of Malians children continues, 2 professionnal installations of our sponsored children in Mopti, a solidary bakery which hires more than 15 mothers and other projects to be.
The support provided to the Syrian children victims of this absurd war which is destroying this beautiful country was the main activity of 2015: we supported more than 1500 children and more than 10 schools located in the Aleppo’ suburb.
In 2016, we launched the sponsorship program inside Syria for Syrian children offering them the opportunity to build tomorrow’ Syria and to have a decent life without crossing lands and seas.

A candle making workshop has also been implemented with the Syrian refugee children of Gaziantep, in Turkey.

Simple and humble actions but which have changed and will change the life of many children in Mali and Syria.

A last word to thank the sponsors and donators for their support and their trust, without their participation, this organization would not exist !

Happy 2016 year to everyone!



President & foundator



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