What does sponsorship means?

 Sponsorship is the fact to support a child in a part or the totality of his/her school life. This support is mainly financial with the bank transfer of 25€ per month.

Sponsorship is not an adoption. The godfather/godmother doesn’t have any authority on the child he/she sponsors and can not interfere in familial decisions or influence the child in his/her choice for the future.

How does Ma Belle Ecole choose the children that are going to be sponsored?

 Ma Belle Ecole has correspondants in the city and country of the sponsored children.They fill a comprehensive report about the child and his/her school and familial situation

We only accept applications that full fill our criteria:

  • parents’ situation is really insecure
  • the child is under 18
  • there are no 2 sponsored children within the same family
  • the family is commited to send the child back to school

We receive regular reports about the child’ situation (school improvements, difficulties he/she meets,..) every 3 months.

What is used the money for?

 In Mali, the 25€/ month are used to pay school fees (registration, equipments, uniform), to participate in the fees of the medical monitoring Ma Belle Ecole provides the children with.

Plus, this money aims at paying for a food aid which would benefit the whole family because it is known that an hungry child can not get a proper knowledge at school.

In Syria, 25€/month aim at supporting the family as the child doesn’t work anymore and is back to school.

In Jordan, life is much more expansive and the monthly amount is about 50€. It permits the orphan Syrian refugee children not to work or, if in case they were not working, this amount helps their family.

In which countries does Ma Belle Ecole work?

 In Mali, we work with the ASLAD association which had been created in 1986 in the city of Mopti. This association fights for the improvement of the standard of living of destitute children, and more especially, street children.

In Syria, we work with local associations and children centres within the country which have the same objectives as us, that is to say the scolarisation of destitute children victims of war.

In Jordan, we work with the Bareeq organization which has a centre for Syrian refugee children in Amman.

How to share news with his/her godchild?

 For Mali, you can communicate with your godchild by letters. You can write them in French (official language of the country). Letters have to be sent to Ma Belle Ecole which will deliver them to the sponsored children.

For Syria, communication can be held by mails (that we will send to our local contacts).

For Jordan, letters and gifts can be sent to the sponsored children at any moment, passing through Ma Belle Ecole which will translate the content and make the transfert.

Ma Belle Ecole has the right not to deliver a letter if the content is not appropriated.

How long does a sponsorship program last?

 There is no limited time for a sponsorship program. As long as the child can continue to go to school and that his/her situation implies a financial support, the sponsorship program can be applicated.

The Godfather/godmother can stop financing whenever he/she wants.

We only ask them to tell us in advance so that we can organize ourselves and replace them.

Does the money given for sponsorship imply a tax deduction?

Yes! (For French citizens)

Ma Belle Ecole is a general interest association ruled by the 1901 law. Every donation leads to a deduction of 66%.

At the beginning of each year, godmothers and donators receive a fiscal receipt of the total amount of money given during the past year.


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