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Children sponsorship in Mopti, Mali

Project implemented since 2010, creation of the organization, which deals with destitute children of the city and permits each child thanks to 25€ donation per month (8.5€ after deduction) acceeding school, regular medical monitoring and a food supply for the family.

This project is realised with the collaboration with the local organization ASLAD which follows the children and stand for us on the ground.

To sponsor a child, click here.

Solidary bakery in Mopti, Mali

Project implemented in September 2013, in collaboration with ASLAD organization and a women committee gathering the mothers of sponsored children. This project permits to more than 15 mothers to have a regular work and a decent salary.

Thanks to the micro credit system, these women could build this structure for the city and its inhabitants without any assistant !

It has been achieved thanks to the support of Region centre val de loire and Issoundun city.

Support to the Syrian schools and children (Aleppo’s suburb)

Since 2015, more than 1500 children have been provided with school materials in this region of Syria.

We also participated in an oil distribution to heat the classrooms of more than 10 schools and in a refugee camp near the turkish border in 2015 and 2016.

In February 2016, 4 bombed schools have been rehabilitated allowing 1000 children to go back to school.

A candle for Syria

Project launched in september 2015, which consisted in organizing candle making workshops for Syrian refugee children in Gaziantep (Turkey) to share a joyful moment and help them in expressing their creation skills.

Besides, other workshops were organized in Indre french department to raise the awareness among French children about the situation of Syrian children.

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Children sponsorship in Syria

Launched in January 2016, this project takes place in Syria with the collaboration of the Syrian organization Al Caravan. It aims at giving the opportunity to Syrian children who were forced to work to help their family to go back to school.

The sponsorship system, thanks to a 25€ donation per month (8.5€ after deduction) permits to Compensate for the shortage due to the scolarization of the child and to support families so that the child can go to the school.

To sponsor a child in Syria, click here.

Support the Rainbow centre for Syrian refugee children in Gaziantep

Since we achieved the mission called « A candle for Syria » in January 2016 with children in Gaziantep, we decided to support more permanently the RAINBOW CENTRE which proposes everyday activities, lessons, cultural visits and a breakfast to a hundred children who are mainly forced to beg or to work to help their family.

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To support this project, click here.

Sponsor Syrian children in Jordan

Since November 2016, Ma Belle Ecole is also active in Jordan.Thanks to the partnership implemented with the local association Bareeq, it is now possible to sponsor a Syrian refugee child in Amman. Within the scope of this program, Syrian orphan children are prioritized. Given that Jordan is one of the most expansive countries in the Arab world, the sponsorship program costs 50€/month (17€ after French deduction) but co-sponsorship is also available with 25€/month.

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