Our convention

Ma Belle Ecole is a humanitarian association, exercising its activities in a field free from political or religious idea. Ma Belle Ecole is an association of international solidarity.

The executive members work for free to achieve the main goal which is the sponsorship of destitute children in developing countries so that they can have an access to school.

The universal declaration of human rights and the International convention for children’s rights constitute the basis of our work and values.

Since the right to education is a fundamental right, we fight so that the children can have an access to school.

We engage ourselves towards sponsored children’s families :

  1. not to employ race, sex, opinion, nationality, class or ethnical discrimination
  2. not to intervene in any family decision concerning the child
  3. respect the traditions of the country
  4. keep the files concerning the child confidential

We engage ourselves towards donators et sponsors:

  1. to stay transparent in the management of subventions, for sponsorship programs or micro projects. Ma Belle Ecole agrees to deliver guarantees about the correct management of money.
  2. To Regularly communicate on the development of our actions and work in the ground
  3. not to use the funds for another project or for personal interests.

The members of Ma Belle Ecole agree with the principles contained here and engage theirselves to respect them.



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