Sponsor a Syrian refugee child in Jordan

La présidente Mounia MOALLA avec les fondateurs de l'association Bareeq à Amman et des enfants du centre.

The president, Mounia Moalla, standing with the foundators of the Bareeq association in Amman and children of the centre.
















Jordan, which is a country bordering Syria, is welcoming more than 600 000 Syrian refugees, according to the  UNHCR datas of November, 2016. Among them, at least 80 000 children are not going to school.

In this country, 50% of the Syrian refugees’ children are the major source of income for their family, according to  UNICEF and Save the Children’s reports of July 2015. 84% of the interviewed children’s employers in urban areas of Jordan confess that they started practicing child labor since the beginning of the war in Syria.


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